I understand you may have grabbed a copy of the 4th edition of Xero For Dummies thinking it was an ordinary accounting textbook. But let me share a little secret. What you have is the key to unlocking an enriching and flexible lifestyle for yourself. Working with Xero means a reliable internet connection is all you need to increase your knowledge and the insights required to support your own business, your boss or your clients. You could work from home, close to your family. Or you may be able to readjust your work–life balance to ignore the nine to five office requirement, avoid commuter congestion and take advantage of the cheap Tuesday deals. Or your digital nomad life could find you crunching numbers in exotic locations, taking Instagram selfies to make your friends jealous.

And the benefits aren’t just to your lifestyle. Businesses can use cloud technology to produce accurate management (internally focused) and financial (externally focused) records with minimal effort. Organisations can streamline their business operations, finding ways to identify and analyse their key financial and non-financial drivers. With flexible access to timely and accurate information from within, and the potential to use external comparative data, businesses can use these collective insights to make informed data-driven decisions fast.

To stay ahead of the competition and capture the benefits of technology-based opportunities, businesses are moving their processes and data to cloud-based ...

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