Chapter 5

Managing Your Contacts

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up customer contacts

arrow Setting up supplier contacts

arrow Finetuning your contacts and systems

arrow Setting up employee contacts

What would your business be without contacts? Customers to buy from your business, suppliers to sell to your business, and employees to work within your business. Details of contacts can be set up in Xero and linked to all transactions. Capturing comprehensive information about contacts enhances your understanding of them and can improve relationships. For example, knowing which suppliers tend to discount their products towards the end of the financial year, or offer discounts or free products if you buy in bulk, improves your bottom line. End result? Boosting your business!

In this chapter, I cover adding and managing all possible contacts for your business — customers, suppliers and employees.

Setting Up Customers

Businesses rely on customers in some shape or form to inject income into the business. Customers may be people, other businesses, government bodies or other entities.

To create a new customer contact ...

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