2.4 More on Window Characteristics

This section expands on the overview of window characteristics in 2.2.1 Window Characteristics and describes in more detail the window attributes, window configuration, class, and depth and visual.

2.4.1 Window Attributes

The window attributes consist of information about how a window is to look and act. Each window has a separate set of attributes, which can be set with XChangeWindowAttributes() or, in some cases, with routines that change individual attributes. The attributes control the following window features:


Can be a solid color, a tiled pixmap, or transparent.


Can be a solid color or a tiled pixmap.

Bit Gravity

Determines how partial window contents are preserved when a window is resized.

Window Gravity

Determines how child windows are relocated when a window is resized.

Backing Store

Provides hints about when a window’s contents should be automatically saved while the window is unmapped or obscured, which display planes should be saved, and what pixel value is to be used when restoring unsaved planes. Not all servers are capable of backing. Check the value returned from the DoesBackingStore() macro to determine whether this feature is supported on a particular screen on your server.

Saving Under

Provides hints about whether or not the screen area beneath a window should be saved while a window, such as a pop-up menu, is in place to save obscured windows from having to redraw themselves when the pop up is removed. Not all servers can ...

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