ButtonPress,ButtonRelease — xbutton

When Generated

There are two types of pointer button events: ButtonPress and ButtonRelease. Both contain the same information.

Select With

May be selected separately, using ButtonPressMask and ButtonReleaseMask.

XEvent Structure Name

typedef union _XEvent {
    XButtonEvent xbutton;
} XEvent;

Event Structure

typedef struct {
int type;    /* of event */
unsigned long serial;    /* # of last request processed by server */
Bool send_event;         /* True if this came from a SendEvent request */
Display *display;        /* Display the event was read from */
Window window;           /* event window it is reported relative to */
Window root;             /* root window that the event occurred under */
Window subwindow;        /* child window */
Time time;               /* when event occurred, in milliseconds */
int x, y;                /* pointer coordinates relative to receiving
                          * window */
int x_root, y_root;      /* coordinates relative to root */
unsigned int state;      /* mask of all buttons and modifier keys */
unsigned int button;     /* button that triggered event */
Bool same_screen;        /* same screen flag */
} XButtonEvent;
typedef XButtonEvent XButtonPressedEvent;
typedef XButtonEvent XButtonReleasedEvent;

Event Structure Members


If the source window is the child of the receiving window, then the subwindow member is set to the ID of that child.


The server time when the button event occurred, in milliseconds. Time is declared as unsigned long, so it wraps around when it reaches the maximum value of a 32-bit number (every ...

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