17.4. Existing Benchmarks for XML

In this section we discuss and compare three benchmarks currently available that test XML systems for their query-processing abilities: XOO7 (Bressan, Dobbie 2001; Bressan, Lee 2001), XMach-1 (Böhme and Rahm 2001), and XMark (Schmidt, Waas, Kersten, Florescu, Manolescu et al. 2001). We will first describe the three benchmarks before comparing them.

17.4.1. The XOO7 Benchmark

The XOO7 benchmark was developed using the well-established OO7 benchmark as the starting point. The XOO7 benchmark is an XML version of the OO7 benchmark with new elements and queries added to test the features that are unique in XML.

The XOO7 Database

The basic data structure in the XOO7 benchmark comes from the OO7 benchmark. Figure 17.1 ...

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