The XTM Framework for the Web

The Cogitative Topic Map Websites (CTW) framework consists of three layers:

  1. Topic map source code (markup) that controls Web site content and site maps

  2. XSLT style sheets that control Web page layout and look-and-feel style

  3. The whole Web universe of resources referenced by XTM topic <occurrence> resource locators

This framework was introduced for the first time in January 2000 at an XTM meeting in Alexandria, Virginia, and presented in August 2000 at the Extreme Technologies conference [Ogievetsky 2000]. The CTW framework is a further extension of the XML Web Applications Template Library (XWATL) [Ogievetsky 1999a, 1999b], which is built on XML Linking Language (XLink).

In the CTW framework, both the content and structure ...

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