Time for action - updating GameBoard to support animated pieces

  1. In the declarations section of the GameBoard class, add three dictionaries:
    public Dictionary<string, FallingPiece> fallingPieces =
    new Dictionary<string, FallingPiece>();
    public Dictionary<string, RotatingPiece> rotatingPieces =
    new Dictionary<string, RotatingPiece>();
    public Dictionary<string, FadingPiece> fadingPieces =
    new Dictionary<string, FadingPiece>();
  2. Add methods to the GameBoard class to create new falling piece entries in the dictionaries:
    public void AddFallingPiece(int X, int Y, string PieceName, int VerticalOffset) { fallingPieces[X.ToString() + "_" + Y.ToString()] = new FallingPiece(PieceName, VerticalOffset); } public void AddRotatingPiece(int X, int Y, string PieceName, ...

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