Time for action - updating the Game1 class

  1. Add the following declarations to the Game1 class:
    enum GameStates {TitleScreen, Playing, WaveComplete, GameOver};
    GameStates gameState = GameStates.TitleScreen;
    float gameOverTimer = 0.0f;
    float gameOverDelay = 6.0f;
    float waveCompleteTimer = 0.0f;
    float waveCompleteDelay = 6.0f;
  2. Remove the call to GoalManager.GenerateComputers() from the LoadContent() method of the Game1 class.
  3. Add the checkPlayerDeath() method to the Game1 class:
    private void checkPlayerDeath()
    foreach (Enemy enemy in EnemyManager.Enemies)
    if (enemy.EnemyBase.IsCircleColliding(
    gameState = GameStates.GameOver;
  4. Replace the existing Update() method of the ...

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