Sample Data: A Bibliography

This chapter uses bibliography data to illustrate the basic features of XQuery. The data used is taken from the XML Query Use Cases, Use Case “XMP,” and originally appeared in [EXEMPLARS]. We have modified the data slightly to illustrate some of the points to be made. The data used appears in Listing 1.1.

Listing 1.1. Bibliography Data for Use Case "XMP"
 <bib> <book year="1994"> <title>TCP/IP Illustrated</title> <author><last>Stevens</last><first>W.</first></author> <publisher>Addison-Wesley</publisher> <price>65.95</price> </book> <book year="1992"> <title>Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment</title> <author><last>Stevens</last><first>W.</first></author> <publisher>Addison-Wesley</publisher> <price>65.95</price> ...

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