Elements and attributes list

The following table shows the elements and attributes defined in the currently most supported, and the latest, version of HTML. Items marked with an asterisk, '*', are not supported by the latest version of at least one of the most popular Web browsers and so should be used with caution.

There are a very large number of attributes first defined in HTML 4.0. Many of them are defined using entities. To keep this table to a reasonable size, these groups are described here, and given the names 'Core' ('Id', 'Type', 'Class' and 'Style'), 'Events' ('Onclick', 'Ondblclick', 'Onmousedown', 'Onmouseup', 'Onmouseover', 'Onmouseout', 'Onkeypress', 'Onkeydown', 'Onkeyup') and 'Lang' ('Lang' and 'Dir') for reference under appropriate ...

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