Chapter 10

To HTML and Beyond!

In This Chapter

bullet Knowing the differences between HTML and XML

bullet Outputting HTML documents from your XML

bullet Creating an HTML table from an XML file

bullet Linking an XSLT stylesheet with an XML document

bullet Examining Web browser support for XSLT

bullet Transforming XML into other formats

I ’d like to nominate Buzz Lightyear as an honorary X-Team member. You know Buzz, don’t you? He’s the friendly spaceman of Toy Story fame. Buzz fits right in with the X-Team mates: He’s a no-nonsense guy with a well-defined mission — to save the galaxy from the evil Zurg. Plus, he’s the coolest and hippest of the Toy Story bunch (sorry, Woody). So too, the X-Team members are all cool, hip technologies with well-defined missions.

As you begin this chapter, it’s time to expand this mission of XSLT to include outputting result documents as HTML. In this chapter, you find out all you need to ...

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