<xsl:number> — Counts something. It is most often used to number parts of a document, although it can also be used to format a numeric value.



Required Attributes


Optional Attributes


The count attribute is an XPath expression that defines what should be counted.


This attribute defines what levels of the source tree should be considered when numbering elements. The three valid values for this attribute are single, multiple, and any:


Counts items at one level only. The XSLT processor goes to the first node in the ancestor-or-self axis that matches the count attribute, then counts that node plus all its preceding siblings that also match the count attribute.


Counts items at multiple levels. The XSLT processor looks at all ancestors of the current node and the current node itself, then it selects all of those nodes that match the count attribute.


Includes all of the current node’s ancestors (as level="multiple" does) as well as all elements in the preceding axis.

In all of these cases, if the from attribute is used, the only ancestors that are examined are descendants of the nearest ancestor that matches the from attribute. In other words, with from="h1", the only nodes considered for counting are those that appear under the nearest <h1> attribute.


The from attribute is an XPath expression that defines where counting starts. For example, you can use the from attribute to say that counting should begin at the previous <h1> ...

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