12 Creating a Culture of Value

This chapter is for firm leaders who want to develop a culture of value.

The Value Ladder™ can be used by individuals and organizations. As an individual, it’s relatively easy to follow through on all that the Value Ladder™ has taught you about yourself and your clients. You set the agenda and call the shots.

Making the most of an organizational Value Ladder™ may be another story. It’s one thing to complete an organizational Value Ladder™ but another thing to take responsibility for reinforcing and sustaining it. It’s well worth it, however. Seeing behaviors change and, ultimately, hearing new client success stories is truly uplifting, not just to the bottom line but also to organizational spirit and morale. As I’ve told many clients, it’s like a flame or candle that resides within you. You can feel and see the glow becoming more intense.

Beware, though, because I’ve seen some leaders who just don’t get it when it comes to creating a culture of value. Are you one of the following:

  • You show up for a meeting, give an eloquent rendition of your vision, display your passion from the podium, and then walk out.

  • At an organizational meeting, you take a seat somewhere in the back and tune out what your team or organization is discussing, checking e-mails with your BlackBerry (aka crackberry) or perusing what’s in the newspaper.

Are you this person? On a leadership scale of 1–10, with a 10 being the most effective leader driving an organizational culture, ...

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