You at Work: Dealing with Setbacks

Book description

Even the most successful professionals encounter hurdles at some point in their careers. While you can’t avoid setbacks, you can recover from them and regain your confidence. Whether you make a mistake, lose a client, or get a bad performance review, you need to learn from the experience and move on. The You at Work: Dealing with Setbacks article collection will help you gain understanding from your experience, proactively discuss the problem with your manager or team, and get back on track. What's included: (1) a specially curated collection of nine articles from on a range of topics, including how to bounce back after missing out on a promotion, how to recover from a failed negotiation, and how to restore your team’s or your manager’s trust in you; and (2) tools to help you prepare for difficult conversations and create an individual development plan.

Product information

  • Title: You at Work: Dealing with Setbacks
  • Author(s): Harvard Business Review
  • Release date: December 2016
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review Press
  • ISBN: 9781633694019