8. How to Respond to a Rude Comment at Work

“I didn’t keep track of the exact number of expletives he used, Siobhan, OK? I’m not a fuckometer.”

—Roman Roy, Season 3, episode 9

Our swear counter broke down in the first few minutes of the pilot—it jammed after the shambolic negotiation between Vaulter’s Lawrence Yee (one narrowly targeted f-bomb) and Kendall (six, more broadly sprayed). On the internet you can find list after list celebrating the show’s profanity: “A Ranking of the Best F-Words,” “60 Straight Seconds of Logan Saying ‘Fuck Off.’”, and so on. (According to Google, people also ask, “Is there too much swearing in Succession?” If you have to ask )

Can a functioning company actually endure this much profanity, this many insults? ...

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