The Action PlanUtilize the 7 C's to Build a Winning Team and Organization

  1. Create your culture.
    • Build your culture up and down. Develop it in the boardroom and the locker room.
    • Since everyone creates your culture, make sure you engage and encourage all members of your organization to be involved.
    • Let everyone know your vision, purpose, and beliefs and make sure that your actions are in line with those beliefs and attitudes.
    • Identify what you and your team stand for. Once you know what you stand for, decisions are easy to make.
    • Remember that to build a great culture you have to build it, live it, value it, reinforce it, and fight for it.
  2. Be positively contagious.
    • Decide to be a big dose of Vitamin C instead of a germ.
    • Create and share a powerful vision, mission, and purpose with your team. When possible, have your team create the vision, mission, and purpose together. This creates even more buy-in.
    • Be contagious with optimism and positivity. Leadership is a transfer of belief and attitude.
    • Strive to have as many positively contagious team members as possible. When you fill your team with positively contagious people you will see production, teamwork, and trust grow exponentially.
    • Weed negativity from your team. Confront, transform, and remove the energy vampires and implement a No Complaining policy.
    • Lead with passion so that all the members of the organization see and feel it.
  3. Be consistent.
    • Be the same leader whether you are winning or losing. Stick to your principles ...

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