10 Body of Work

Heart Fullness

I wish I looked different. I don’t want this body. Why can’t I lose this weight? I wish I had different clothes. Why couldn’t I have been more attractive? I just won’t eat. Why are some people so beautiful? And sexy? I must have missed that line when God handed out parts! I’ll just wear black. It covers up everything. And I will stand in the corner. No one is going to notice me, anyway. It’s not fair!

I hate my hair! Look at this belly, these hips. What’s the use? I’ll just eat what I want. It’s no use. I can’t compare to them, anyway. My body will never look like that. I don’t have the genes or the willpower. Maybe I can have surgery. Then, I might feel better about myself.

It doesn’t matter; I’ll just fake it. ...

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