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Your Life Plan: How to set yourself on the right path and take charge of your life

Book Description

Meet the challenges of life and master your future

Do you ever feel like you're just floating through life with a lack of direction? Or get that nagging feeling that things could be better? Then it's time you thought about your life plan.

Our lives can be thought of as stories - as narratives and adventures - and nearly all classic stories share certain universal characteristics. Our lives should be seen as a hero's journey, a quest filled with challenges, turbulence and adventure.

By appreciating this pattern, and understanding where you are on your own personal journey, you'll get the perspective needed to write your own life story and set yourself on the right path.

Be the hero of your own life

In Your Life Plan, Erica Sosna shows you how to choose and live a life that is truly meaningful, exciting and adventurous. Having a life project - a dream or goal that feels like a real challenge, can give you focus, energy and purpose.

This book offers practical solutions and guidance for dealing with difficult personal challenges and becoming the victorious hero who achieves happiness and fulfilment.

Go. Stand for something. Take up the charge and move into a purposeful and positive future.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Copyright page
  4. Dedication
  5. Introduction
    1. The Structure of Your Life Plan
  6. 1: The Hero's Journey
    1. The Hero's Journey
    2. The Headlines of the Hero's Journey – the Path to the Quest
    3. Finding Your Direction
    4. Going Deeper
  7. 2: What Kind of Hero Are You Anyway?
    1. The Good News
    2. The Bad News
    3. Oh, go on with you …
    4. A Fresh Approach
  8. Your Hero Self
  9. Part One: The Call
    1. 3: Finding Your Motive
      1. Your Current Driving Force
      2. Why Bother Taking on a Quest?
      3. Out of the Ordinary and into the Extraordinary
      4. Stand For, Not Against
      5. The Different Kinds of Motive
      6. Owning Your Legacy
      7. The Cost of Refusing to Change: Enforced Motivation
      8. Ways to Uncover Your Motive and Focus on Your Quest
    2. 4: Hearing the Call
      1. What Am I Here to Do?
      2. The Inner Nudge
      3. How to Notice the Nudge
      4. The Three Different Kinds of Call
      5. The Call: The Beginning of the Hero's Journey
      6. Prompting Your Call
      7. At What Point Does a Call Become a Quest?
      8. Too Many Calls?
      9. Defining Your Quest
    3. Your Call
  10. Part Two: The Commitment
    1. 5: Letting Go of the Certain
      1. Out With the Old, In With the New
      2. First, Learn to See
      3. Inside and Out
      4. “Uncertainty Now Certain”
      5. A Question of Timing
      6. The Guardian of the Threshold
      7. Dragon Number 1: The Fear of Failure
      8. Meeting Your Inner Critic
      9. Dragon Number 2: Fear of Upsetting Others
      10. OK, now you are scaring me
      11. Dragon Number 3: Fear of the Unknown
      12. What Else Could Be True?
      13. Learning to Have Faith in Life
    2. 6: Stepping into the New
      1. Attitude Makes the Difference
      2. Start Before You Are Ready
      3. Break the Rules
      4. Be a Beginner
      5. Stop Believing in Safety
      6. Eliminate Failure as an Option
      7. The Courage to Begin
      8. Do Something Different
      9. When Commitment Is Forced Upon You
      10. Taking Your Vow
      11. Close to the Edge
      12. Just Do It
      13. The Jumping-Off Point
      14. Quests Activate Superpowers
    3. Your Commitment
  11. Part Three: The Quest
    1. 7: Questing in Action
      1. What Does Success Look Like?
      2. Measure What Matters
      3. How Do I Know When I Am Done?
      4. Clarity of Purpose
      5. Meeting Your First Milestone
      6. What Is a Milestone?
      7. Love Your List
      8. It Takes As Long As It Takes
      9. Making Your Own Project Plan
      10. Follow the Yellow Brick Road
      11. Start With the End in Mind
      12. Risk Management
      13. What Is Your Immediate Next Step?
      14. Celebrating Success
      15. Mind the Gaps
    2. 8: Building Your Dream Team
      1. Better Together
      2. Teams Can Be Made Up of Competitors
      3. What Kind of Support Do You Need?
      4. The Best Ways to Find Your Dream Team
    3. 9: The External Battle
      1. Growing Pains
      2. Critics and Naysayers
      3. Release Resentments
      4. Course Correction
      5. Course Correction Is Normal
      6. Embrace Your Mistakes
      7. The Wall
      8. What if I Really Am Heading for Disaster?
      9. Yikes, I Didn't See That One Coming
      10. Learn to Love Your Lessons
      11. How You Respond to the Issue, Is the Issue
      12. Keep Turning Up
    4. 10: The Internal Battle
      1. Facing Your Fear
      2. Mind Your Inner Language
      3. Maintaining Momentum
      4. Patience and Persistence
      5. The Stories We Tell Ourselves
      6. A Lifetime's Preparation
    5. Your Quest
  12. Part Four: The Return
    1. 11: Coming Home
      1. Quiet Time
      2. What You Take With, What You Leave Behind
      3. The Afterward
      4. Lessons Learned
      5. And Now What?
      6. Celebration and Gratitude
    2. 12: Being the Hero in Everyday Life
      1. Why Your Story Matters
      2. Questing for Life
      3. What Is Your Way of Walking in This World?
      4. Success
  13. Further Reading and References
    1. Poetry
    2. Books
  14. Acknowledgements
  15. About the Author