1/n heuristic, 144

2007 Survey of Consumer Finances, 57

401(k) plans, 143. See also retirement

borrowing from, 61–63


“A Pension in Every Pot,” 151


debt, 53

affect on value, 60–66

“Debt Literacy, Financial Experiences and Overindebtedness,” 66

diversity of, 54–56

education, 31–32

home ownership, 101–109

management, 56–60

silos, 57

smoothing, 67

mental, 60

taxes on retirement, 98–99

adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), 102

adjusted gross income (AGI), 86

after-tax returns, 94–96

allocation of stocks and bonds, 136–138

Allowance for Newborn Children, The, 72

alpha, 97

American Council of Life Insurers, 118

American Economic Review, 162, 165

American International Group (AIG), xix

anchoring, 126

Annual Survey of Colleges, ...

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