Chapter 11. How to Create Products

A lot of people get bogged down about product creation. I've had conversations with people who have been working on their e-books for years and had just about settled on the title.

Others spend months and months doing research, without ever writing a thing.

I want you to understand: You can create a viable, marketable product in an hour. And then you can make another one.

You might think that there's really no need for another product online, and wonder what you can bring to the market that's not already there. I used to think that way.

The fact is, the online marketplace will support unlimited numbers of products on any subject. What makes your contribution unique, and valuable, is that you'll be telling your story and providing your solution to a problem—in your own voice.

For example, hundreds of people have written e-books on how to write e-books. I've written one, myself. They all sell, and most of them are actually valuable resources. The reader might find one insight in Jim Edwards' book, another in a book by Armand Morin, and a different point of view in my book. They're all good.

The difference is the voice and point of view of the author. Some people respond to my writing style, others to Jim's—and some people will respond to your style.

The trick is to realize that this is easy, and just write your e-book or create your product in the same way that you'd tell a friend about it.

It's important, when you're writing, to send your internal editor ...

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