Chapter 35. Un-Framing for Fun and Profit

Let's talk about un-framing. It's powerful stuff. Un-framing is a powerful exercise. I developed it to help me focus on new possibilities. At the time I came up with it, I was faced with some powerful decisions.

Basically, everything I was doing was not working. If something's not working, you do something else, right?

What? That's the hard part, isn't it?

At that time, I was framing the world through the filters associated with "blues guitar player." My answer to just about everything was "go play guitar." The problem with that frame is that playing guitar wasn't paying the bills. Heck, they repossessed my single-wide trailer house. That's the blues, all right, but it's not the answer.

So, I demolished my frame. That left everything else. Literally.

As humans, we can't see "everything else." We've got filters that keep us from being totally overwhelmed with the massive data storm that we live in. We've got social filters, political filters, relationship filters, and so on and so on. We've also got hard-wired filters that allow us to focus on, for example, driving a car or listening to a conversation in a crowded room.

It's impossible to see the world without filters, but it's fun and instructive to try. Try it. Visualize a universe with no boundaries and no limits. You can do anything. You can have anything. You can go anywhere. You're no longer who you were. You can be anything or anyone you want.

Like I said, it's impossible to see "everything ...

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