Chapter 11. Measure Outcomes vs. Outputs

Although it is useful to measure views and ratings, how many of these "outputs" do you need to make the cash register ring? In this chapter, we'll look at some individuals and organizations that have used YouTube and video marketing to generate measurable "outcomes." But before we do that, we'll question the Dude at the watercooler with sunglasses, no pants, a cigarette, and a martini, who says, "When you're nailing the numbers, they don't ask questions."

Chapter Contents:

  • Nailing the Numbers

  • Win the Presidency of the United States: Barack Obama

  • Increase Sales of DVDs 23,000 Percent: Monty Python

  • Deliver 700 Percent Increase in Sales: Will It Blend?

  • Book $100 Million in Revenue: Universal Music Group

  • Earn a Hundred ...

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