Chapter 14

Publishing Your Videos


Bullet Perfecting title writing

Bullet Selecting the most compelling thumbnails

Bullet Posting your videos to YouTube

Bullet Adding advanced features like end screens and cards

It’s an exciting moment when you’re finally ready to upload your video. All your hard work filming and editing is about to pay off. In this chapter, I walk you through the steps to upload and publish your video.

The process may seem simple at first, but some tips and tricks can help maximize your video’s chances of success. YouTube also provides tools to add more advanced features to your videos like end screens and cards, which can provide interactivity and encourage viewers to watch more of your videos.

Writing Compelling Titles

A well-written title is the difference between a click to watch or being ignored. Title writing is crucial to the performance of your video because people scan YouTube for the video they want to watch, rapidly reading titles and making their choice. Your title should

  • Stand out and grab attention compared with other similar videos
  • Be an accurate description ...

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