YouTube Marketing Power: How to Use Video to Find More Prospects, Launch Your Products, and Reach a Massive Audience

Book Description

Grab YOUR share of YouTube's BILLIONS of daily viewers

YouTube is one of the world's most popular websites--which makes it one of the best marketing tools on the planet.

Jason G. Miles, the author of Pinterest Power and Instagram Power, shows you how to get up and running on YouTube and offers best practices for using it to drive traffic to websites to increase sales. YouTube Marketing Power provides expert tips on how to design a powerful YouTube strategy.


  • Make great videos--quickly and easily
  • Build brand loyalty with powerful videos
  • Drive traffic and revenue to your existing business
  • Advertise on YouTube
  • Monetize your YouTube work

This fast-paced but highly detailed guide reveals why companies frequently fail at YouTube marketing and how you can succeed by avoiding the same mistakes.

YouTube Marketing Power is the only guide you need to take full advantage of today's most powerful and inexpensive marketing tools.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. YouTube Marketing Power: How to Use Video to Find More Prospects, Launch Your Products, and Reach a Massive Audience
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
    1. A New Version of American Life
    1. Chapter 1 YouTube Marketing Power
      1. A New Marketing Option
      2. A Challenge for Businesses
      3. Our Journey on YouTube
      4. Our Goals on YouTube
      5. Finding Your Way to Business Benefits
    2. Chapter 2 24 Business Benefits of YouTube Marketing
      1. Traffic to Your Website from YouTube
      2. Social Discovery on YouTube
      3. Selling Goods and Services
      4. Brand Building
      5. Conclusions
    3. Chapter 3 Why Companies Fail at YouTube Marketing
      1. The Corporate Challenges
      2. I’m That Guy
      3. Why Entrepreneurs Have It Easier
      4. Your First Step Toward a Marketing Plan
      5. There Are Only Three Possible Uses for YouTube
      6. The Most Common Mistake
      7. The Second Most Com mon Mistake
      8. Conclusions
    1. Chapter 4 There Are Only Two Reasons People Will Watch Your Video
      1. The Two Reasons People Will Watch Your Video
      2. Always Capitalize on the Two Reasons
      3. Good Ways to Capitalize on the Two Reasons
      4. Effective Video Styles That Resonate with the Two Reasons
    2. Chapter 5 Defining Your Style
      1. Our Challenges at Liberty Jane Clothing
      2. The On-Screen Persona
      3. Common On-Screen Personas
      4. Close Up with Rhett & Link
    3. Chapter 6 Seven Ways to Get Your Videos Done
      1. The System Is the Solution
      2. 1. The Cheapest Way to Get Your Videos Done
      3. 2. Someone on YourTeam
      4. 3. The Friends and Family Approach
      5. 4. The College Connection
      6. 5. Interns
      7. 6. The Contract Gig
      8. 7. The Barter Partner
      9. Three Setups
    4. Chapter 7 Partnering with VIoggers
      1. What is a Vlog?
      2. Experiential Marketing: A Form of Alternative Advertising
      3. What Does Experiential Marketing Look Like?
      4. World Vision VIoggers: An Experiential Marketing Case Study
      5. Some Comments from Viewers
      6. The Vlogging Initiative Results
      7. The VIoggers’ Perspective
      8. Success with VIoggers
    5. Chapter 8 Mastering the Three On-Screen Formats
      1. The Anchorperson Video
      2. The Weatherperson Video
      3. The Hand Model Video
    6. Chapter 9 Mastering the Three Off-Camera Video Formats
      1. The Screen-Capture Video
      2. The Movie Trailer Video
      3. The Commercial Video
      4. Close Up with My Froggy Stuff
      5. Putting It All Together
    1. Chapter 10 YouTube Channel Setup and Best Practices
      1. The One Channel Design Refresh
      2. Setting Up Your Google and YouTube Accounts
      3. Configuring Your New YouTube Channel Effectively
      4. Setting Up the Channel Trailer Video
      5. The Four Navigation Tabs
      6. Focusing on Discoverability
      7. Exploring the Banner Header
      8. Working with Playlists
      9. Connecting Social Accounts
      10. Your Feed Is Born
      11. Putting It All Together
    2. Chapter 11 Uploading Videos to YouTube
      1. Upload Your First Video to YouTube
      2. Close Up with Mindy McNight
    1. Chapter 12 YouTube: The Social Network
      1. Easily Found Shocking Examples
      2. In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man Is King
      3. Our Head-to-Head Comparison
      4. Seven Smart Social Activities on YouTube
      5. Troubleshooting Social Challenges
    2. Chapter 13 The Grand Opening of Your Shiny New YouTube Attraction
      1. Your YouTube Theme Park
      2. Get People Moving from One Attraction to the Next
      3. Close Up with RosannaPansino
    3. Chapter 14 YouTube Contests That Rock
      1. But Will Your Prospects Make Videos?
      2. Could You Benefit from Entering a Contest?
      3. Complying with YouTube Contest Guidelines
      4. Only Use a Skills-Based Contest
      5. Basic Steps to a Good Contest
    4. Chapter 15 YouTube for Charities
      1. Four Advantages That Charities Have
      2. YouTube—Your Best Donation of All Time
      3. Your Basic Opportunities
      4. Close Up with the Potter’s House—ID. Jakes Ministries
    1. Chapter 16 Driving Traffic
      1. The Facebook-Only Problem
      2. The Three Mindsets
      3. Destinations for Your Social Media Traffic
      4. Nine Methods for Generating YouTube Traffic
      5. The Options Never End
    2. Chapter 17 Driving Results via Analytics
      1. YouTube Analytics
      2. Google Analytics
      3. Third-Party Analytics—Social Blade
      4. 18 Insights to Discover from Your Analytics
    3. Chapter 18 Advertising on YouTube
      1. The Two Factors of a Good Advertising Campaign
      2. The Six Places to Advertise on YouTube
      3. Advertising Formats
      4. Advertising in Other People’s Videos
    4. Chapter 19 Monetizing Your YouTube Work
      1. The Three-Party Advertising Strategy
      2. YouTube Partner Program—How to Monetize Your Videos
      3. Monetization Setup Steps
      4. Making Sponsored Videos
      5. Advertising Networks
      6. Close Up with Dan Weinstein at Collective Digital Studio
  13. Conclusion
  14. Four Challenges Every Marketer Faces
  15. Index

Product Information

  • Title: YouTube Marketing Power: How to Use Video to Find More Prospects, Launch Your Products, and Reach a Massive Audience
  • Author(s): Jason Miles
  • Release date: January 2014
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071830553