Chapter 3. A Guided Tour through the Tube

In This Chapter

  • Viewing top videos

  • Searching videos by category

  • Browsing YouTube's channels

  • Checking out YouTube's community square

  • Getting help and info

YouTube is already well known as a pop-culture phenomenon; a site where you can see video excerpts of your favorite TV shows, catch a red-carpet catfight between spoiled celebrity rich kids, or see a video replay of that game-winning goal at the World Cup.

But YouTube isn't just recycled pop-culture videos. So if you want to check out of the Paris Hilton and Entertainment Tonight isn't your idea of entertainment for tonight, rest assured that YouTube has much more to offer.

That's what this chapter is about. We click around the YouTube interface and check out what's up there. The main part of our tour takes you through YouTube's four main "tabbed" pages — Videos, Categories, Channels, and Community.

We show you some basic links that'll help you browse more effectively and find the videos that you want to see. We teach you how to power search by using the YouTube categories, and we look at some very popular channels. In the YouTube community square, you're introduced to groups, contests, and the amazing Colleges section. Finally, we show you how to get help if you need it and how to get company and contact information about YouTube.

So hop on our virtual tram and join us for the tour. Even if you're an experienced tuber, we feel quite confident that we can show you some smart tricks that you'll find ...

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