Chapter 5. Customizing Your YouTube Experience

In This Chapter

  • Saving videos

  • Creating playlists

  • Subscribing to a channel

  • Changing your YouTube info

  • Changing your channel design

YouTube is all about having fun and watching the type of videos that pique your curiosity. When you find something you really like, you may want to watch it again. If you're that kind of Tuber, you'll be happy to know you can save your favorite videos. Like many visitors of the Tube, your interests are probably varied. If so, you watch videos about a wide range of topics, which means you may end up with so many favorite videos that you have to sift through dozens before finding the one you want to watch. Those clever YouTube Web designers came up with a solution: the playlist. You can segregate videos into playlists that make sense to everybody, or to just you. After all, it's your Tube.

Some way-cool users on the Tube upload your kind of videos. Wouldn't it be nice to go to a YouTube portal where you can find your kind of videos? This is exactly what happens when you subscribe to a fellow Tuber's channel; a link to the channel is added to the Subscription section of your channel. That's right, Virginia, if you're a registered Tuber, you have a channel that other Tubers can tune in to. (Registering is covered in Chapter 2.) You can make your channel as unique as you are by customizing it. In this chapter, we show you how to customize your channel, subscribe to other Tubers' channels, save your favorite videos, and ...

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