Chapter 12. Bam!! Kicking It up a Notch

In This Chapter

  • Uploading video from your cell phone

  • Joining your college on the Tube

  • Embedding YouTube video in an HTML page

  • Embedding YouTube in a WordPress blog

  • Hacking YouTube

YouTube is like the proverbial onion. It's got layers — lots of layers. When you peel back one layer, you discover another, and another, and ... you get the picture. As we write this book, YouTube is adding even more features. By the time you read this, YouTube no doubt will have added ten new features we couldn't dream of now. YouTube is changing all the time. In this chapter, we show you some more of the cool things you can currently do with YouTube.

Do you have a mobile phone with a video camera? Great. We show you how to upload your mobile phone videos directly to YouTube. Do you have a college e-mail address? If so, and your college is one of YouTube's elite, you can join your college's private channel. Do you have a Web site or a WordPress blog? You'll be happy to know you can embed a YouTube video in your Web page or blog. Last (but not least), we show you a few hacks for YouTube, such as downloading a YouTube video to your computer and playing it on your iPod. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on, intrepid Tuber.

Uploading a Video from Your Mobile Phone

When you have a strong signal, mobile phones are wonderful things. But even when you don't have a strong signal, there are still some cool things you can do — especially if you have a tricked-out mobile phone ...

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