Do you have a video you want to share with a few friends, or perhaps, the world? Or perhaps, you're the eclectic type who likes weird, wonderful, and obscure videos, the videos you can't find at your local rental store. Either way, you can get what you want at YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular hangouts on the Internet. At YouTube, you find videos from actor wannabes, businessmen, and even political candidates. It's a wild and wooly place, and like the New World when Columbus set foot on it in 1492, almost completely uncharted.

If you think of YouTube as a place where young adolescents spend their time watching questionable video clips, it's time for you to experience the true marvels of YouTube and its wide and diverse community. It doesn't matter what type of video trips your trigger, you'll find it on the Tube. Oh yeah, you might as well get used to it; the Tube is how we refer to YouTube. And we call the people who use YouTube Tubers.

About This Book

The Tube has evolved during the past year. The Tube has so many new features and so many things you can do that assimilating them all is nearly impossible without a road map. The YouTube Web site has no road map, so we provide the next best thing: YouTube For Dummies (Wiley).

With this book, you have a handy reference to all features of the Tube and then some. When you need to find quick, concise information on how to do something, like find your type of video, all you need to do is let your fingers do the walking ...

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