8Dear MenYour greatest strength is found in vulnerability

As the daughter of a good man, wife of a good man, friend to good men and mother of three fine young good men-in-the-making, I know there are very good men the world over.

I also know that men the world over face pressures today that their fathers and grandfathers never did; pressures that have challenged the trust they once placed in themselves.

In some ways, it’s a challenging time to be a man. As women are finding their voice and claiming seats at the table, many men find themselves feeling increasingly displaced, devalued and disempowered. Some have confided to me how they even feel threatened and sidelined, as though they are being vilified for the crime of being born male. Others are simply confused, baffled about how best to express themselves or engage with women in the post #metoo world. Perhaps you are one of them.

So, if you’re reading this now and have in any way felt as though you’ve been painted with the same broad brush used for Harvey Weinstein, I’m sorry. The fact that you’ve picked up this book tells me you sometimes wrestle with doubt and struggle to feel as sure of yourself as you’d like to be, and as some assume you should be. Perhaps you also sometimes feel like an imposter, waiting to be found out as not nearly as strong or smart or self-assured as people seem to believe. Maybe you’ve grown weary of feeling like you’re supposed to have all the answers and fix all the problems of those around you. ...

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