Common issues

Here are a few issues you might face:


There are several common stumbling blocks in the installation process, some caused by well-hidden factors.


  • Q: I am trying to compile Zabbix on a 64-bit system. I have the corresponding development packages installed, but Zabbix claims they are not present.
  • A: Double-check that the 64-bit development packages are installed, not just the 32-bit ones.
  • Q: I am trying to compile Zabbix from an SVN checkout, but the configuration script fails with this error:
    syntax error near unexpected token `IKSEMEL,iksemel,'
  • A: Install the pkg-config package and rerun the commands to generate the configuration script.
  • Q: I am trying to compile Zabbix, but it fails.
  • A: It is useful to reduce the number ...

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