SNMP checks

What would monitoring be like if there was no support for the SNMP? SNMP is a well-known and widely used standard in lots of devices. Therefore, we will see in this topic, how to configure our Zabbix server to be able to retrieve data provided by SNMP.

Getting ready

Make sure that you have setup your Zabbix server properly. For this recipe we also need a host configured in our Zabbix server that supports SNMP (don't forget to add the snmp interface). If you have compiled your server from source (this you should only do for non-production systems), then don't forget to compile it with the option –with-net-snmp. To be able to make use of the SNMP tools, we need to make sure the net-snmp-utils package is installed.

How to do it …

  1. First thing ...

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