Checks with SSH

Another way to extend our Zabbix server to do some checks is by making use of Secure Shell (SSH). SSH checks will be launched from the server with the need of a Zabbix Agent.

Getting ready

For this example, we just need a Zabbix server properly configured and a host that we can use to connect to by making use of SSH.

How to do it…

When you log in with SSH, you have to provide a username and a password in Zabbix to log in to the host that we want to monitor. This must be done in the GUI in plain text. An alternative to this is the use of SSH keys.

  1. The first thing we have to do in the Zabbix_server.conf file is to look for the option SSHKeyLocation and enable it and add a path for the location of our SSH key files. Add the following line ...

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