101 Online Resources

To help you out with your tax lien and tax deed investing, here is a list of resources and websites that my students and I have used. Remember, websites and companies can change, so for an updated list, visit:

Online Tax Auction Sites

Tax Sales and More
Auction Site (Indiana)
Auction Site (various)
Auction Site (various)
Auction Site (Michigan)
Auction Site (Illinois)

There are many other individual sites. For a complete up-to-date listing, check the ZRRE Resource Center. Make sure to do a search for county GIS maps as well.

Maps and Aerial Photography

Aerial Maps
Google Earth
Yahoo! Maps

Foreclosure Properties and Statistics

Foreclosure Statistics
HUD Homes for Sale
Government Homes for Sale
Foreclosure Search
Foreclosure Listings
Foreclosure Listings
Illinois Foreclosures
San Diego Foreclosures
Foreclosure Records ...

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