Generating Reports

One of the best features of using a good software tracking system is that you can generate and print as many different kinds of reports as you might need or want at any time on individual tax lien certificates and your entire real estate portfolio. For instance, you may want a list of all of the tax lien certificates owned, the ones that are redeemed or open, information on the county, a calendar of important dates, and so on. The number of reports you can generate is unlimited, and they will be extremely helpful in allowing you to make important financial decisions about your investment business. You need to be able to keep track of the following categories of information.

Quickly and easily record tax lien certificate information:

  • Property address—The actual legal address where the property is located. This could be different from the address listed on the tax assessor’s website, which might be just a PO Box.
  • County where the property resides—The name of the county in the state where your property is located.
  • Type of property (e.g., residential, commercial)—Is it a single family home? Duplex? Triplex? Quad? Strip mall?
  • Acreage—Really important only when you are buying vacant land.
  • Tax parcel number and property number—These can be found on the taxing authority’s website and also on your receipt of purchase.
  • Section, township, and range information—Not very important unless you plan on having a survey done of the property.
  • Owner information—Highly important! ...

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