systems. We believe that the low-temperature solution method can
also be used to synthesis other nanomaterials on the nonconventional
substrates (e.g., copper oxides, TiO
, and iron oxides). Printed
electronics is an emerging technology with the potential to change
the future of technological industry. We can now reliably print
basic electronic devices onto paper with cheapest possible routes
according to the required output of the device. The UV sensors are
fabricated through simple approach of screen printing on paper
with pencil-drawn circuitry. Although these sensors are very
cheap and easy to fabricate, yet they demonstrate characteristics
comparable to those UV sensors that are made with complex and
expensive procedures. The printing of the same materials will
enable low-cost, large-area ZnO thin-film devices, such as thin-film
transistors, thin-film solar cells, and hybrid light-emitting devices on
the nonconventional substrates.
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