Zoho 4 Everyone

Book description

Forget the hassles and cost of old-fashioned office and business software: Now, you can do everything online with Zoho! Discover how to make the most of the amazing online applications that over a million people are already using! Here are complete step-by-step instructions and great insider tips for using Zoho’s 15 hottest applications to run your business--and your life! Nancy Conner covers everything from word processing and spreadsheets to Zoho’s slick new collaboration and customer relationship tools. You’ll get started fast...then learn how to build great documents and reports...share presentations worldwide...manage email and IMs from anywhere...run web conferences...plan your day...invoice your customers...and a whole lot more! This book can help you do practically anything you need to do--faster, smarter, and at lower cost!

You’ll Learn How To

  • Get the power of today’s top productivity applications

  • Track, organize, and report on all your data, from personal collections to customer relationships

  • Simplify the way you manage your tasks, events, and appointments

  • Store anything you create or find on the Web--and access it from anywhere

  • Use Zoho’s powerful collaboration tools, including web conferencing and wiki-building

  • Create invoices and estimates for your small business or freelance work

  • Manage marketing, sales, and HR teams more efficiently than ever before

  • Product information

    • Title: Zoho 4 Everyone
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2008
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780768687835