Chapter 14

Ten Great Zoom Tips


check Maximizing the chance of a smooth Zoom experience

check Using Zoom’s tool intelligently

check Minimizing the chance of privacy and security issues

This chapter provides some quick advice on getting started with Zoom, maximizing its benefits, and minimizing the issues that you experience with it. No, the following pages do not represent a comprehensive list of what to do and not to do, but I have condensed my suggestions into a snackable list.

Try Before You Buy

Just about every popular software vendor has embraced the freemium business model to one extent or another. Zoom is no exception to this rule. As such, anyone can begin using Meetings & Chat and many of its features within minutes and at no cost. Employees can unlock additional goodies when their employers upgrade their plans with useful add-ons. (Chapter 2 covers Zoom’s different plans and their features.)

Consider Grohl Records, a fictitious company new to Meetings & Chat. I can see Grohl’s rationale to kicking the tires, especially on a small scale. For example, Grohl purchases a few licenses for employees in its sales department. For whatever reason, though, the sales reps and customers ...

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