2.1. Source of version and release information

In z/OS, the job log will often show release information generated during the start sequence for a product. Figure 2-1 shows an example of the CICS startup message written to the CICS job log.

Figure 2-1. CICS startup message
DFHSI1500 SCSCPAA1 CICS startup is in progress for CICS Transaction Server Version 3.1.0

The abend symptom string that is written to the master console and system log shows us relevant release and maintenance information. Figure 2-2 shows an example of a CICS abend message in the MVS™ Syslog.

Figure 2-2. CICS Abend message in MVS Syslog
15.12.09 STC05964 +DFHME0116 CBNZPF00 (Module:DFHMEME) CICS symptom string for message DFHFC0002 is PIDS/565514700 LVLS/530 MS/DFHFC0002 RIDS/DFHFCDN ...

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