10.5. What is VERBX?

One of the more common IPCS commands is VERBX. This stands for VERB Exit and indicates that a product-specific exit routine will be used to format the dump. For example, to format dump data for CICS/TS Release 1.3 we would use the exit routine, DFHPD530. This program is supplied with CICS/TS Release 1.3 to enable you to format the CICS/TS-specific data.

For example, the commands could be used as follows:

  • Format the CICS Dispatcher data contained in the dump.
    VERBX DFHPD640 'DS=1'
  • Format the IMS savearea.
    VERBX IMSDUMP 'imsjobname FMTIMS savearea'
  • Format the DB2 thread data.
    VERBX DSNWDMP 'sumdump=no,subsys=itso,ds=1'

10.5.1. IPCS VERBX LOGDATA command

Specify the LOGDATA verb name on the VERBEXIT subcommand to format the ...

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