22.9. IBM DB2 UDB on UNIX and Windows

The key files required to assist with problem diagnosis of DB2-related problems are:

  • db2diag.log file

  • Trap files

  • Dump files

  • Messages files

These files are generated or updated when different events or problems occur.

22.9.1. db2diag.log file

The db2diag.log contains most of the key information used for DB2 problem diagnosis. This file is located in the DB2 diagnostic directory, defined by the DIAGPATH variable in the Database Manager Configuration.

By default the directory is defined as follows:

  • UNIX: $HOME/sqllib/db2dump - where $HOME is the DB2 instance owner’s home directory

  • Windows or OS/2: INSTALL PATH\SQLLIB\<DB2INSTANCE> - where INSTALL PATH is the directory where DB2 is installed

The Database Manager ...

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