APPENDIX CCheck Your KnowledgeAnswers

This appendix contains the answers to the questions in the "Check Your Knowledge" sections of Chapters 2 through 6.

Chapter 2

  1. The SpriteBatch object is used to draw textures to the screen.
  2. The Initialize method is where you set the initial state and values of objects and fields unrelated to content.
  3. You change the background color of the game by modifying the color specified in the Draw method at graphics.GraphicsDevice.Clear(Color.CornflowerBlue).
  4. The Update method is used to change the state of your game on an ongoing basis.
  5. The game runs in a default scenario of a fixed-step time loop. That means that every 1/60 second, the rotation variable will be incremented by 0.02. Since the rotation variable is ...

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