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Enterprise Data Strategy

Strata Data Superstream Series: Business Analysis

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Nov. 9, 2021

5 - 9 p.m. Coordinated Universal Time

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What you’ll learn and how you can apply it

  • Learn the best practices for data visualization and storytelling that you can apply to your work today
  • Discover how advances in technology can make decision intelligence faster, more comprehensive, and more actionable
  • Get up to speed on contemporary approaches to data privacy that boost “safe” data consumption, as well as on metrics that can drive an organization’s journey toward data maturity
  • Explore the latest in mobile analytics and how to make your data culture more mobile friendly

This live event is for you because…

  • You want to explore the latest trends in data analytics for better business decision-making.
  • You want to become a data advocate for your organization through the power of data visualization.
  • You’re a data scientist or business analyst who wants to move from static tables and reports to actionable analytics.


  • Come with your questions
  • Have a pen and paper handy to capture notes, insights, and inspiration

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The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing.

Alistair Croll: Introduction (5 minutes) - 9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET | 5:00pm UTC/GMT

  • Alistair Croll welcomes you to the Strata Data Superstream.

Jennifer Stirrup: Keynote—Finding Your Organization's North Star by Leveraging Data for Better Decision-Making (10 minutes) - 9:05am PT | 12:05pm ET | 5:05pm UTC/GMT

  • Data-driven decision-making is a rather mysterious objective for many businesses. How do you step forward to achieve business intelligence with smarter decision-making? Enterprises that have become accustomed to static tables and reports aren’t sure how to make the move to actionable, innovative analytics. Join Jennifer Stirrup to learn how to use business intelligence in your digital transformation to hear your customer’s voice in the data—so you can find your North Star and direct efforts toward it.
  • Jennifer Stirrup is the founder and CEO of Data Relish, a UK-based AI and business intelligence leadership boutique consultancy delivering data strategy and business-focused solutions. Jen’s a leading authority in AI and business intelligence leadership and a Fortune 100 global speaker. She's been named one of the “top 50 global data visionaries,” one of the “top data scientists to follow on Twitter,” and one of the most influential “top 50 women in technology” worldwide. Jen’s the author of three books on data and AI; she’s been featured on CBS Interactive and the BBC, as well as on well-known podcasts, and has given keynotes for colleges and universities. She donates her expertise to charities and nonprofits as a nonexecutive director.

Berit Hoffmann: Decision Intelligence—Bridging the Decision Gap (30 minutes) - 9:15am PT | 12:15pm ET | 5:15pm UTC/GMT

  • Trends in data complexity and growth have led to a gap between what today’s analytics can deliver and what leaders need to make business-critical decisions. This “decision gap” has resulted in around 50% of all decisions being made without using data. Berit Hoffmann explores the trends leading to the decision gap and examines how both data teams and business leaders are adapting to exponential growth in data complexity. You’ll learn how to mitigate the decision gap in your organization as you discover how advances in technology can make decision intelligence faster, more comprehensive, and more actionable.
  • Berit Hoffmann is chief product officer at Sisu. She has a passion for creating intuitive product experiences that solve complex underlying problems, which has led her to join and help scale multiple early-stage enterprise software companies. Berit was one of the earliest employees at Bebop, a company that developed a platform for building enterprise applications (acquired by Google); launched and led several products at Google Cloud aimed at helping businesses recruit and hire talent; and worked in enterprise storage at Compellent (acquired by Dell). Berit is a strong supporter of education and serves on the Leadership Council for SEO Scholars, a nonprofit that gets underserved public high school students to and through college. She’s an alumna of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Yale University.

Kjell Carlsson: Transform Your Data into an Insights-Driven Engine of Digital Transformation (Sponsored by Intel) (30 minutes) - 9:45am PT | 12:45pm ET | 5:45pm UTC/GMT

  • Data isn’t the new oil—it’s the new crude oil: nearly useless in its raw form but one of the most powerful engines of new business outcomes when it’s enriched with external data, refined into insights with machine learning, and combined with automation to drive new ongoing actions at scale. Join Kjell Carlsson to learn the end-to-end capabilities you need to unlock the power of your data and see how enterprises are democratizing and operationalizing their data to outpace their competition.
  • Kjell Carlsson is EVP of product and strategy at Stratifyd. Previously, he was a principal analyst at Forrester Research, advising companies on AI, machine learning, and data science. Kjell is a seasoned speaker and the author of dozens of reports on conversation intelligence, computer vision, MLOps, AutoML augmented intelligence, next-generation AI technologies, and related topics. He’s shared his ideas in media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the New York Times. He holds a PhD in business economics from Harvard Business School.
  • This session will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A in a breakout room. Stop by if you have more questions for Kjell.
  • Break (5 minutes)

David Boyle: How to Really Make a Difference with Analytics—Lessons from Pop Stars and Presidential Elections (Case Study on Predictive Analytics) (30 minutes) - 10:20am PT | 1:20pm ET | 6:20pm UTC/GMT

  • Great analytics can accelerate growth, but too often analytics feels more like spinning wheels. David Boyle shares lessons on how to (and how not to) use analytics, illustrated through examples from his experience working with artists like Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, and David Guetta and helping the Democrats win elections.
  • David Boyle helps leading entertainment and luxury brands find growth based on a deep understanding of their audiences. Drawing on expertise from the global book publishing, TV, and luxury goods industries, he’s done this for streaming services, record labels, startups, and artists of all sizes, from industry leaders and superstars to seed-stage startups and brand-new artists—and has used data to elect a prime minister and a president along the way. He’s built and run global strategic insight capabilities for EMI Music, the BBC, HarperCollins, MasterClass, and Harrods. He now runs Audience Strategies, a small group of people who love working together to use great data to drive growth for brands.

Kate Strachnyi: 30 Minutes to Stellar Storytelling—Best Practices for Data Visualization (Interactive Session) (30 minutes) - 10:50am PT | 1:50pm ET | 6:50pm UTC/GMT

  • Humans are better at processing images than written or spoken information. Data visualizations help your audience learn quickly and enable you to tell an impactful story in a business environment. But creating effective data visualizations can be challenging, given the sheer quantity of available data and the numerous methods for visualizing it. Kate Strachnyi shares data visualization best practices that you can apply to your work today.
  • Kate Strachnyi is the founder of DATAcated, providing brand amplification for companies focused on AI, machine learning, and data science, and the DATAcated Academy, which delivers training on data visualization best practices. She was named “top voice'' in data science and analytics by LinkedIn in 2018 and 2019. Kate is an advisory board member of the Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards and the International Association for Data Quality, Governance, and Analytics. She’s the host of the DATAcated Conference and the DATAcated On Air podcast and has authored several books, including The Disruptors: Data Science Leaders, Journey to Data Scientist, Data Literacy for Kids (with Jordan Morrow), and Mothers of Data Science (with Kristen Kehrer). She’s working on a new book on the role that color theory plays in data storytelling.

Danielle Beringer: Data Accessibility, Privacy “Data Actions,” and Metrics for Success (30 minutes) - 11:20am PT | 2:20pm ET | 7:20pm UTC/GMT

  • In the modern data ecosystem, the challenges to democratizing data go far beyond the physical location or traditional access methods. Finding the balance between preserving data privacy and data utility is often difficult, and many teams have limited access to key data products for innovation. The advent of new privacy “data actions” can empower anyone who interacts with data across the development lifecycle. Data classification, transformation, and synthetic data use can yield a more holistic approach to fulfilling data consumer needs. In addition to baseline regulatory compliance, an evolution to instill privacy at multiple steps in a data pipeline is essential. Danielle Beringer outlines a contemporary approach to data privacy that boosts safe data consumption and shares metrics that can drive your organization’s journey toward data maturity. Join in to see how this rethinking of data accessibility can yield immense business value and unlock new data-sharing opportunities inside and outside your company.
  • Danielle Beringer is director of technology partnerships and evangelism at She’s an enterprise technology leader and data evangelist enabling privacy engineering for data scientists, data engineers, developers, and knowledge workers. Previously, Danielle was the regional data officer at Nissan Americas, leading the shared services teams for data architecture, analytics, data engineering, data governance and stewardship, enterprise architecture, DevOps, and cloud.
  • Break (5 minutes)

Kyle Kirwan: Accuracy in Analytics—Trusted Data in a Self-Service World (Sponsored by Bigeye) (30 minutes) - 11:55am PT | 2:55pm ET | 7:55pm UTC/GMT

  • Companies increasingly rely on data to move the business forward—making accurate analytics critical. But solutions to the data quality issues that spoil analytics aren’t one-size-fits-all. As analytics teams move from producing reports to building data products to enabling stakeholders to build their own data products, they must change how they approach data quality. Kyle Kirwan explains how to evolve data quality practices to ensure high-quality decision-making throughout each stage of the self-service journey.
  • Kyle Kirwan is cofounder and CEO of Bigeye. Previously, he was one of the first analysts at Uber and went on to become a product manager, launching the company’s internal data catalog, Databook, and leading the development of tooling used by thousands of internal data users to determine data quality, freshness, and lineage. Kyle also cofounded Uber’s Experimentation Platform team and developed data pipelines used by product teams across the company to analyze A/B test outcomes.
  • This session will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A in a breakout room. Stop by if you have more questions for Kyle.

Ben Schein: Data Insights in My Pocket—Enabling Mobile BI and Actionable Analytics (30 minutes) - 12:25pm PT | 3:25pm ET | 8:25pm UTC/GMT

  • For too long, data and analytics (at least in the workplace) have involved sitting at a PC and reviewing a report. To bring analytics to the front lines of business, we need to move past this dynamic. Most businesses don’t live in an office or on a PC, so why should data insights live only there? Ben Schein shares tips and tricks that will help you unlock mobile analytics and make your data culture more mobile friendly.
  • Ben Schein has 20 years of experience leading business intelligence (BI), analytics, and finance teams. He’s an expert in user adoption and at implementing large-scale BI and analytics initiatives that deliver quantifiable business value. As vice president of data curiosity at Domo, he works to spark the fire of data curiosity in enterprises large and small across the world. Ben also leads Domo’s strategic architecture group, which looks at how to create data pipelines that are both resilient and efficient. Previously, Ben led merchandising analytics and enterprise BI capabilities within the Enterprise Data Analytics and BI (EDABI) Center of Excellence at Target. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in strategy and finance from the University of Minnesota.

Alistair Croll: Closing Remarks (5 minutes) - 12:55pm PT | 3:55pm ET | 8:55pm UTC/GMT

  • Alistair Croll closes out today’s event.

Your Host

  • Alistair Croll

    Alistair Croll is an entrepreneur, author, and conference organizer. He's written four books on technology and society, including the best-selling Lean Analytics, which has been translated into eight languages. He's the cofounder of web performance startup Coradiant (acquired by BMC), the Year One Labs startup accelerator, and a number of other early-stage companies.

    A prolific speaker, Alistair was a visiting executive at Harvard Business School, where he helped create a course on data science and critical thinking. He's founded and chaired a number of the world's leading technology events, including Cloud Connect, Strata, Startupfest, Scaletech, and the FWD50 Digital Government conference. He's currently working on Just Evil Enough, the subversive marketing playbook. Alistair lives in Montreal, Canada, and writes at

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