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AWS Architecture Automation and Infrastructure Deployment

Master the Art of Architecture in AWS and Learn Key Concepts in the AWS Certified

Topic: System Administration
Chad Smith

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an ever-growing ecosystem of services. AWS knowledge from several years ago is not always current or even valid when designing infrastructures to be deployed into AWS today. These infrastructure choices made by customers will dictate outcomes such as operational overhead and cost. In this course, AWS professionals of all skill levels will learn infrastructure deployment patterns that will minimize manual effort and emphasize automation. We will follow AWS guidance and best practices according to the Well-Architected Framework, focusing on the most commonly used infrastructure services in the AWS ecosystem. The course material will consist of discussions, visualizations and demonstrations using both the AWS Console and automation tools.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

  • AWS Infrastructure service deep-dives across several important infrastructure categories
  • How to deploy AWS resources according to architectural best practices
  • Integration between services and how to configure permissions for least privilege
  • Resource deployment automation patterns and how to evaluate requirements to pick the most appropriate option

This training course is for you because...

  • You are an infrastructure or application architect responsible for designing systems that will be deployed in AWS
  • You are a DevOps engineer who will be managing and updating services designed for resilience or performance
  • You are a SysOps professional responsible for maintaining existing AWS resources
  • You are a functional or technical manager whose team is responsible for AWS infrastructure


  • Solid understanding of technology stacks including IPv4 networking, virtual machines, storage choices, and multi-tier application architecture
  • Foundational knowledge of AWS infrastructure services, including EC2, S3, VPC, and RDS

Recommended Preparation:

Recommended Follow-up:


About your instructor

  • Chad Smith has worked in IT for 25 years, starting out as a Linux administrator, progressing through operations, network and security in various roles. He is now the Principal Cloud Architect at Brightkey.cloud. Chad is a Certified Architect for both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. He brings a wealth of personal experience in cloud adoption, infrastructure design, cloud operations and cloud security. He holds current AWS certifications in Architecture, SysOps, Security and Networking, as well as Google Professional Cloud Architect and Associate Cloud Engineer credentials.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Day 1

The Well-Architected Framework - 15m

  • Foundational principles and best practices

DevOps Principles - 15m

  • DevOps - more than just CI/CD
  • Break - 10

Multiple-VPC Architecture Patterns - 60m

  • Same Region
  • Different Region
  • Different Account
  • Connectivity Options
  • Break - 10

Compute Infrastructure with EC2 - 120m

  • Deployment options
  • EC2 Operations
  • Break - 10m
  • Auto Scaling with launch templates
  • Golden AMI Pipeline
  • Q&A - 10

Day 2

Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive - 60m

  • Classic Load Balancer
  • Application Load Balancer
  • Network Load Balancer
  • Break - 10

Data Storage Principles - 60m

  • EBS
  • S3
  • Break - 10
  • RDS Deep Dive - 60m
  • Classic engines
  • Aurora
  • Break - 10

Backups and Retention - 20m

  • AWS Backup
  • Compliance features
  • Q&A - 10