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Python Environments and Best Practices

Topic: System Administration
Arianne Dee

So you know how to do some simple scripting. Maybe you’re comfortable creating text-based applications that run in your IDE. But there's more to being a Python developer than just writing code.

In this Live Training, we will go over some fundamentals that you should know in order to go from coder to developer.

You’ll get hands-on experience:

  • Navigating the command line and command line programs
  • Setting up projects and getting the most out of your IDE
  • Structuring your code into modules
  • Sharing projects over GitHub

You’ll also get a quick overview of:

  • Testing and debugging libraries
  • Data storage: files, databases and SQL
  • GUI’s: desktop apps and web apps

If you’re looking for an accessible overview of integral development skills, all in one class, this one’s for you. Join experienced instructor, Arianne Dee, for another beginner-friendly step in your Python journey.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

  • Using the command line and command line applications
  • How to set up projects using virtual environments
  • Sharing code via git and GitHub
  • Using IDE features for debugging, refactoring, and navigating Python code

This training course is for you because...

  • You are new to programming and want to learn essential development skills, like command line, git, and debugging
  • You have taken Arianne’s beginner Python courses and are looking for the next step
  • You are new to Python and want to learn best practices
  • You want to improve your Python development workflow


  • General basic Python knowledge: writing functions, conditionals, loops and lists
  • Know how to access the command line on your computer and run a Python file from it

Course Set-up

Recommended Preparation

Recommended Follow-up

  • Live Online Training: Programming with Python: Beyond the Basics by Arianne Dee: Search the O’Reilly Learning Platform for an upcoming date

About your instructor

  • Arianne is a freelance software developer and educator from the University of British Columbia and an instructor for Canada Learning Code and MakerLabs in Vancouver, BC.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Segment 1: Command line in Python (45 min)

  • Basic command line navigation
  • Using command line applications
  • Setting up virtual environments

Break/Q&A (15 min)

Segment 2: Effective use of IDE’s (15 min)

  • Faster Python programming using IDE features
  • Working in the IDE and command line simultaneously

Activity: Write a command line applications in Python (10 mins)

Segment 3: Modules, imports, and namespaces (20 min)

  • Discuss topic and code-along practise

Break/Q&A Length (15 min)

Segment 4: Testing and debugging techniques (20 min)

  • Discuss topic and code-along practise

Segment 5: Version control and git (25 min)

  • Using git in the command line and the IDE
  • Using GitHub and collaborating on code

Break/Q&A (15 min)

Segment 6: Graphical user interfaces (25 min)

  • Discuss topic and look at GUI options for Python applications

Segment 7: Data storage (25 min)

  • Discuss topic and data storage options for Python applications

Course wrap-up and next steps