Customer testimonial

The following blog post was written by one of our online learning customers from the ABN AMRO Bank. She shares her experience using the platform in her own words.

My year with O’Reilly online learning

By Patricia Veen, January 15, 2019

“I love paper books”

A year ago, my manager asked me to do a pilot within IT for O’Reilly online learning. “Okay, how am I going to do this, if I like reading paper books?” That was my initial thought. We spend so much time behind our screens, and I like to read on paper. It’s relaxing, and the best thing is that I can read my books on the train. For all these reasons, I was a little biased about O’Reilly.

I started my research of the platform and how it could work for me, because you should practice what you preach! The content on O’Reilly online learning covers technology (software development, network administration, etc.), the creative industries (web design, CSS, photography), and business and management (product management, HR, leadership). The content is available to read online (as a web page) or offline (through the mobile app). But there are also videos, learning paths, and live online training sessions. And the best part: there’s an app. This means I can use it on my phone and tablet on the train.

“This looks promising”

But I really saw the benefits of the platform when I started my graphic design training. For the training, I had to purchase some books. After a search on O’Reilly, I found the books that I needed. The platform also contained videos and learning paths on the subject. It helped me in my course because I could prepare myself in advance by reading content and watching videos. I have recently finished my beginner’s training, and O’Reilly has not only the books and videos but also practice material I can use to develop my skills and prepare for my advanced graphic design training.

It has even given me inspiration to dive farther into graphic and UI/UX design. Maybe I finally found the subject that will help me in my next career move. And don’t get me wrong: I still love reading paper books, but sometimes it’s great to watch a video on a subject at the specific moment I want.

“Okay, I’m convinced”

If you would like to try O’Reilly online learning, take a look to find out how you can learn more. I hope it will help you all gain knowledge like it has helped me.

Patricia Veen, Operational Officer, ABN AMRO Bank