Customer testimonial

The following testimonial was written by one of our online learning customers at CTU Training Solutions, a South African private higher education and training provider. They share their experience using O’Reilly in their own words.

O’Reilly has become a one-stop shop for our staff and students.

CTU Training Solutions has been providing O’Reilly online learning to our students since 2014. CTU Training Solutions has three main areas of education—Design, IT, and Management—with a variety of programmes under each. We have approximately 2,500 students including full-time, part-time, and workforce development students, who are unemployed youth that receive educational funding from the government. The cost of providing hard-copy books for students was becoming too high, and one book per module didn’t give the students enough learning support. CTU needed a better solution.

The Academic Department researched many learning products prior to 2014, but none of them gave us the quality and quantity of books we needed for our students’ studies and research. When we found and partnered with O’Reilly, we were very impressed with the variety of books by so many different publishers. This enabled us to facilitate training for both national and international certifications. O’Reilly always has the latest content and offers content on critical skills in addition to role-based learning. O’Reilly has become a one-stop shop for our staff and students. We make use of the online videos in our daily training schedules with students and also encourage our staff to join the live online training courses. The variety of formats enables us to support all our students and give them a choice of how they learn.

The reporting function in O’Reilly gives CTU the ability to track our students’ progress and better support at-risk students. And the support and guidance from the O’Reilly team has been fantastic.

Erna Ferreira, Group Academic Director, CTU Training Solutions