Customer testimonial

The following testimonial was written by one of our learning platform enterprise customers at DataArt, a global enterprise software development company that helps clients design, build, and support unique custom software to drive their business. They share their experience using O’Reilly in their own words.

Ensuring engineers remain top-notch experts

DataArt is a software engineering company with a uniquely human problem-solving approach. With 25+ years of experience, teams of highly qualified engineers, deep industry knowledge, and ongoing technology research, we act as partners for progress, helping clients create custom software that brings their business to the next level.

DataArt invests heavily in its talent development. That’s why we developed the TechX training solution to help our engineers remain top-notch experts and thus support our engineering excellence, which our customers value. We believe in the “learning by doing” approach. That’s why TechX offers technical learning projects and technical skills mentoring instead of classical in-class training.

A learning project is a blend of self-paced content with instructor-led training. It’s designed so a learner can independently research a specific topic and complete a task. They have a list of recommended theoretical resources, the O’Reilly platform being the key, and a software environment for doing practical tasks. The heart of a learning project is a practical, real-life assignment checked by instructors—practicing senior software developers. The instructors thoroughly check the assignment, provide meaningful feedback, accept the work, or ask the learner to redo it until it’s perfect.

The technical skills mentoring offers individual mentoring on various technical stacks and learning projects. We match the mentor and mentee into pairs to collaboratively develop a three-month action plan, which has resulted in 48,000 learning hours with 820+ participants.

The impact:

  • 20+% of the production employees were reskilled or upskilled due to their participation in TechX in 2022.
  • We discovered that internal reskilling/upskilling is five times cheaper than hiring an external candidate.

Maryna Melnik, Head of Learning and Development, DataArt