Customer testimonial

The following testimonial was written by one of our online learning customers in the R&D/aerospace industry. They share their experience using the platform in their own words.

Learning that works for the entire organization

“We’ve been able to see a progression”

O’Reilly online learning offers learning solutions that can benefit Agile organizations—and those aspiring to be more Agile and proactive—by addressing skill gaps and training needs across the organization before they impact performance.

By giving staff access to the platform, we’ve been able to see a progression of both bottom-up training assessment and skill building, whereby the employees recognize their own training needs and take action to address them, and also a top-down approach where managers establish a more consistent approach to deliver training across their team or the institute.

“Staff consider the video courses and ebook publisher selection to consistently be of high quality”

O’Reilly online learning is easy to access, offers a broad range of solutions serving administrative and business staff as well as technical, IT, and engineering staff, and can be implemented on a small or large scale depending on your organization’s size and training needs.

The staff at my organization uses a combination of live training offered on the platform, self-paced learning paths, video solutions, standard ebooks for quick answers, and other formats nearly every day. Topics range from change management and leadership, to programming languages and clean coding practices, to implementing Agile methodologies on a system or institute level. Our staff considers the video courses and ebook publisher selection to consistently be of high quality.

Chief librarian, R&D/aerospace industry