Customer testimonial

The following testimonial was written by two of our O’Reilly online learning customers at Times Internet, India’s largest digital products company. They share their experience using O’Reilly in their own words.

We’re prepared for the unexpected

Ankit Rastogi, Technical Lead, Times Internet

Times Internet is India’s largest digital products company. I work on the development and enhancement of the content management system, which powers the key news business websites in the organization. As a technical lead, I’m responsible for keeping up with the latest trends while teaching my team to make good technical decisions (instead of just telling them what to do). O’Reilly’s quality books and video training courses have helped a lot.

How Ankit’s team put O’Reilly to work

Early this year we started introducing React in our ecosystem. The Learning React book, along with the React: The Complete Guide video series, has helped the team quickly pick up the concepts, and they started building software rapidly. O’Reilly content also helped us avoid common mistakes that people often make while adopting React.

The book Kafka: The Definitive Guide has also helped us solve the lost data packets problem that we had been facing for a long time. At the same time, we incorporated best practices for administering Kafka in production, and we’re now able to optimize our Kafka cluster.

Leveraging O’Reilly for internal training

From time to time I also do technical training in my organization. Holistic content preparation covering all the subtopics of a technology is always a challenge to me. But with O’Reilly, everything I need is easily found in one place. By reading the books and watching the videos on a particular technology, now I can quickly build the outline of what I’m teaching and can focus more on my presentation than on content preparation.

Bipin Chandra, Backend Developer, Times Internet

My key responsibilities are to understand and discuss the product requirements with the product team, participating in product design and architecture discussions and product development.

How Bipin uses O’Reilly to upskill

I consider O’Reilly a learning companion. O’Reilly challenges and encourages me to learn different topics. Initially I used O’Reilly’s video tutorial to learn Angular, as it was required in my project—being a backend developer, Angular was new to me. But O’Reilly had a variety of sources that helped me learn what I needed to know in order to deliver the product on time.

The platform has a very rich collection of useful books along with video tutorials. But I personally feel that the live training courses really help provide a more in-depth understanding of the topics that the books cover. That’s mostly because we can interact with the instructors and can ask more specific questions.

Leveraging O’Reilly during a pandemic

During this period while we are working from home and are indoors most of the time, I spend my time with O’Reilly, and it helps me to get the best out of it. I was able to attend online training courses by various top minds and did several hands-on interactive scenarios. The experiences shared by the trainers is priceless, and it encourages me to explore more.

Now I prefer O’Reilly whenever I want to get in-depth knowledge of any topic. And I use scenarios, which are part of O’Reilly interactive learning, whenever I have to practice any particular language or tool feature.

A complete learning solution

I would recommend O’Reilly to others because of its completeness. It has a huge collection of books and videos. If I have a specific question I can resolve it with a query to an O’Reilly expert in a live training course. The platform also provides smart features like playlists, so I can create different playlists and add books for future reference.