Customer testimonial

The following testimonial was written by one of our online learning customers in the travel industry. They share their experience using the platform in their own words.

O’Reilly has become my go-to

Engineering manager, travel industry

“O’Reilly helps us solve problems every day.”

I’ve been developing a search API in the travel industry since 2013, and became an engineering manager in 2019 after getting my graduate degree in library, information, and media studies. Our company is one of the biggest online travel agencies in Japan, and we’re now expanding our online platform services globally. Our company has two types of customers—travelers and partners—and our engineering teams are further developing the platform so that it delivers value to both segments. With these changes, and because our platform is expanding rapidly to handle huge amounts of traffic, we face many problems we need to resolve on a daily basis. O’Reilly helps us do just that.

One challenge we faced was devising a way to replicate a database and selecting one of several possible architectures. One option was RabbitMQ—I didn’t know enough about it at the time, so I learned about it through the official documentation and O’Reilly. I found a great book there where I read about the RabbitMQ federation plug-in and concluded that it would work for us. We then used O’Reilly cookbooks, which provided detailed operation manuals. Our ability to learn through O’Reilly was key to implementing a very efficient architecture that has dramatically decreased our operation costs.

“I can learn in the flow of work to solve today’s problems and be prepared for the future.”

The first time I explored O’Reilly online learning, I was really impressed with the variety of books by so many different publishers. When I’m programming, I’ll often search by a class name or error message. O’Reilly has become my go-to because I get more context from books. It’s a totally different experience than using a search engine.

Let’s say you wanted to know more about the DefaultHandlerExceptionResolver class of the Spring Framework. You can find lots of information on Google. However, if you search on O’Reilly, you not only get information about the class but… can easily find related details while you’re at it, such as Interceptors and SimpleMappingExceptionResolver. This deeper learning may not save time in the short term, but I feel that having a deep understanding of technology will save time in the long term.

“We’re using O’Reilly to collaborate and stay on the same page.”

Lately, we’ve really been encouraging our employees to use O’Reilly online learning while they work. One team watched a particular video which allowed them to get onto the same page and have a smooth discussion. Additionally, when I write internal documentation, I often cite sentences directly from O’Reilly online learning as a reference to help my team members gain a common understanding of the specific context.

I recommend O’Reilly because when we face issues in our workplace, the platform is a strong partner to help us solve those problems. With O’Reilly, we’re not alone in overcoming the next challenge.